Monday, August 11, 2008

Meet Our members--Mary Redmerski AKA Jewelry Designs by M.E.

1. Who are you and what info would you like to share?

Hi, I’m Mary E Redmerski AKA Jewelry Designs By M.E. on ETSY and as Maryred69 at the Bead Circle. My family lives at the Jersey Shore in Toms River. I’ve been beading for 30+ years and tend to be very eclectic in my jewelry, designing more or less on a whim. It’s only fairly recent that I’ve decided to sell my creations.
Feel free to ask me questions, just convo me at ESTY or PM at the Bead Circle forum.

2. What got you started in beading?

My grandfather and mom. When I was in grade school we where having a hobby showcase, think science fair but with crafts, and I needed to come up with something to demonstrate. Mom and I went to the local hobby shop and decided on jewelry craft. My granddad showed me how to make the knots and use tools bend metal to make the pieces. We work all weekend on the display and how to demonstrate the craft. I don’t remember much about the fair but I enjoyed making the jewelry that I continued to do it.

3. What types of beading do you feel drawn to?

I tend to prefer variations using right hand weave. My favorite mediums are semiprecious stones beads matched with Swarovski. I also enjoy working with glass, shell, wood, acrylic, resin, and metal.

4. What is you favorite piece you have created?

Please don’t make me have to choose, I love all the pieces that I do. My favorite type of jewelry to make tends to have art deco elements to it.

5. What was your greatest achievement?

Other than my son, I would have to say getting the courage up in 2005 to start selling my designs at craft fairs and online. Also I won first place in the Earring division for the Fire Mountain Gems in 2006/07.

6. What would you like to learn or do in the future?

Right now I’m looking forward to learning how to make my own glass beads and learning non-solder metal jewelry making.

7. Any tips you would like to share?

Take a class on jewelry making. Check out your local bead stores or community college for what they offer, there’s more out there then most realize. Not only is it a great way to learn a new technique but it lets you socialize and network with others.